“Who Do You Think You Might Be?”


Are you interested in finding out about your

 family history?



The Offer

In exchange for a minimum £80 donation to Children’s Hospice South West,


 I will spend up to 30 hours researching your ancestors and building your family tree.


You will receive a diagram of your tree and a full report of all discoveries including census records.






The Small Print

I cannot guarantee how much information I will be able to find. Sometimes a blank wall is hit early on. At other times, hundreds of relatives may be identified.

I will need to spend an hour with you at the start, to piece together any existing family knowledge, legends or rumours.

We will need to discuss whether you are prepared to spend any further money on the research, such as payment for copies of certificates and other documents.


Please contact Valerie Payne:

Tel: 01275 840332 or email valerie_payne@onetel.com